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Our Construction Company Partners With Architects and Designers


Note to Architects & Designers

We understand that most Architects have a select group of builders they trust to bring their projects to life. We are looking for a partnership with your firm that allows the creative process to flow as intended, with your vision, and the vision of the homeowners, being taken to its fullest potential.

Our positive community reputation makes us the first choice for many homeowners in the local area.  At 40 years strong, we continue to grow our team with integrity and innovation as the leading forces.  With our experience working around the inland lakes and Lake Michigan, we are keen on specific setback restrictions and special permits needed in each area.  This allows us to streamline the process and get the project started without delays.  We also have strong relationships with local municipalities and are able to accomplish the best scenario for the capabilities of the site.  We remain vigilant while working on the most complex projects with strict deadlines due to our skilled team and the internal systems we have in place at our organization.  With us, the end result will always be a positive experience for the client, creating a beautiful, unique project to enjoy for years to come.

We have solid, working relationships with Architects in the Greater Milwaukee and Chicagoland areas.  Here are some of the collaborators we have partnered with to create beautiful homes together:

  • Deep River Partners Inc.
  • Design 4 Style, LLC
  • Drexel Design Team
  • Distinctive Design Studio
  • Hameister Architects Inc.
  • Hanlon Design
  • Michael Abraham Architecture
  • Thomas Leu Design
  • Wade Weissmann

We would love to add your firm's name to our list of prominent Architects. To get started, you can speak directly with our President by calling Tim at (920) 207-8997.