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Project 1

new shower

Hello, we are the Meyer family. Our daughter, Rachel, is 6 years old and requires a wheelchair-accessible home. The Kleiber Construction crew helped us gain compliance for our ADA-approved bathroom, making it easier for Rachel to shower and brush her teeth on her own. Our shower is equipped with a linear drain and zero entry floor, so Rachel can easily roll throughout the bathroom without an obstacle. In addition, we added ramps in the garage and as part of the deck behind our home. These changes have brought ease to our life! Thank you, Kleiber Construction. We trust in your expertise and appreciate your compassion. We love our new spaces!

Project 2

Silas bedroom

Silas and his siblings were delighted as they explored his new treehouse themed bedroom. Special Spaces of Wisconsin is changing children's lives one bedroom at a time and we were so happy to be a part of Silas' new room makeover!

Project 3


While visiting the Elkhart Lake Library, children love sitting near the Reading Tree, where their stuffed animal friends gather and imaginations run wild! This project was possible due to a collaboration between Kleiber Construction, ElkhartCares, ConceptWorks, and Frida McKeown. Stop by and enjoy the wonder!

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